Code plagiarism / tools and policy

Dear all,

How are you dealing with code plagiarism ? Which tools are you using ?

We are currently using Dolos, an open source framework from the University of Ghent.

What is your policy with code plagiarism ?



Hi Laurent,

I played around with Jplag (which supports Scala 2). See GitHub - jplag/JPlag: Token-Based Software Plagiarism Detection

I also have a very simple-minded handrwitten similarity tool. I compared their results and they seem pretty similar in pointing out potential cases. As soon as dolos/treesitter supports Node 19, I will give it a spin. Thanks for the pointer.

About policy: We state that students cannot use any help for CWs whatsoever (collusion, copying from Internet, CoPilot etc). The reason is that when it comes to going after misconduct cases and meting out penalties, then literal copying from an outside source gives a clear-cut-case. It is really meant as a deterrent, rather than finding the last case where misconduct happened.

Best wishes,