HELLO ALL from Rob Rucker

Rob Rucker here at Arizona State University Polytechnic school in Mesa Az. . I am in the information technology dept. with about 1000 students. (ASU has 70000+ students)
I have been teaching Scala as part of my courses for about 5 years… Lately I am using scala to introduce beginning Machine Learning. I also use the scala api for spark which I also teach.
I mostly use InteliJ ultimate and literally just started using scala 3 with spark 3.2 (I am expecting lots of unknown glitches :slight_smile: but hello world worked !
(followed a Xebia.com blog with a few tweaks)

Just went to Scala Days in Seattle and met a nice collection of folks. I have been going to scala days for several years…
In the fall I will have 200 machine learning students, pretty full plate! also I teach grad and ugrad database design
Ok , so l;ong for now…
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