Scala at ESIEE Paris & ESIPE

My name is François Sarradin. I’m the CTO of Univalence, a service company specialized in data engineering, distributed systems, and functional programming in Paris areas. I’m also teacher at ESIEE Paris and ESIPE, where I’m teaching:

  • Distributed persistence (especially NoSQL databases, stream processing, and microservice architectures)
  • Distributed computing (especially actor model and Apache Spark)
  • Functional programming in Scala

My courses are intended for 3rd year students of the engineering cycle (equivalent of Master’s degree). I’m teaching since 2019.

In all my courses, I use Scala to illustrate my speech. I greatly appreciate both the precision and the conciseness offered by the language. In my day-to-day work, Scala allows me to write safer code while benefiting from a powerful platform and a large collection of libraries. Finally, Scala is an Open Source project, initially intended for teaching and benefiting from a relatively large and active community.



Welcome François!

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