Scala at UNE, Australia


I’m Will Billingsley, from the University of New England, Australia. (New England is a region of northern New South Wales, and UNE is a public university in the region established in the mid-1900s. Though we do get mixed up with the “New England” in the US quite a lot.)

I introduced Scala at UNE in 2016. Partly because it could lead on to data engineering units, partly because it’s the language I use, and partly to give our graduates something that’d stand out in the job market. The language is taught in COSC250, originally as “Programming Paradigms” but I renamed it “Functional and Reactive Programming” from 2022 to be clearer on students’ transcripts about which paradigms.

I also have a habit of creating my own little Scala or Scala.js libraries that I tend to publish just via jitpack and should really get around to publishing to Maven Central. (Including one for self-publishing interactive materials.)


PS. My GitHub profile photo is sadly quite old now… grey that up by about 10 years :slight_smile: