Scala at West Point

Huh. I had no idea that Scala Teachers existed.

I’m Chris Okasaki, and I’ve been leading the use of Scala at West Point since 2013. We use Scala primarily in 4 courses:

  • Data Structures
  • Programming Languages
  • Algorithms
  • Software Testing and Development.

I usually teach Programming Languages and Algorithms (sometimes with a co-teacher), and sometimes teach Data Structures.

These four courses are required for all CS majors, with a selection of other majors taking one or two of the courses.

Over the years, I’ve created many Scala tools for use in my courses. As luck would have it, I’m on sabbatical and one of my goals for my sabbatical is to open source many of these tools.

I’ve just published the core of the first of these, hwtest, which is a testing library for homeworks.

I’ll continue to add other goodies and documentation to hwtest over the coming weeks, and then move on to working on some of the other tools.